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To book your appointment for Arthrosamid using proven protocols for better outcomes, includes a free initial consultation with Professor Paul Lee.

Why choose AMSK for your Athrosamid procedure?

AMSK have carried out clinical studies and research for Arthrosamid since 2019, two research papers have been published in the Journal of Arthritis and Medicine

Having first hand clinical experience with Athrosamid since 2019, AMSK has created a unique protocol for patients because no two knees are the same! It is not simply the scenario of injecting your knee and hoping for the best, it is understanding each patient and their unique physiology, using the protocol to achieve the best results. Their research shows reduction in pain at week 4 and continuing pain relief after two years.

The protocol is based on MSK-K1 which is a protocol that has proven to show less side effects. AMSK are committed to offering each patient the best service and treatment to get better outcomes.

The Athrosamid Protocol from AMSK:

● Remote Motion Analysis – We can analyse how you move before and see how your knee is functioning. Following the procedure we track your progress objectively. NB this can be carried out using your phone, you will be guided through the process.

 Injection via guided ultrasound

● IV Antibiotics – The procedure whilst less invasive than surgery, it is still opening the joint space in your knee, and as part of our unique protocol, for best outcomes we routinely administer antibiotics via IV as part of our protocol, which is prudent to guard against infection.  

Complete Package for Athrosamid Injection protocol

Included in both packages       

  • initial consultation with Prof. Paul Lee
  • Intravenous Antibiotics
  • Motion analysis before
  • Arthrosamid injections under ultra sound guidance
  • MSK – K1 mix + MSK/LCC injection protocol
  • Motion analysis immediate post injection
  • Follow up appointments