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AMSK team helps leading Harley Street Doctor, to return to hockey and skiing with Arthrosamid injection.


Dr Jack Edmond is a leading Harley Street GP who enjoys spending much of his leisure time in an intense game of hockey. He has been playing at a high level for many years and has continued to represent a local Club in Kent well into his 60s. Jack hasalso enjoyed skiing all his life, conquering steep hills and mastering tricky manoeuvres. However, the pressure on his joints from all those years of playing sports started to take a toll on Jack. He originally thought it was just ‘wear and tear’, but soon it began to affect his ability to play hockey and do everyday activities like walking the dog or going up and down stairs. For many people, chronic inflammation can be managed with over-the-counter medication. However, as a GP he has seen first-hand the side effects of these medications, including stomach ulcers and kidney damage. “The main reasons that finally prompted me to explore alternative treatments, was an overwhelming desire to cut down on the use of over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medication,” explains Dr Jack. “I don’t feel that I am ready for replacement yet.”

In September 2022, Sharron visited MSK House, where she had an MRI scan, motion analysis and Arthrosamid injection by Professor Lee all on the same day. Since the injection, her recovery has been swift and positive.

“I couldn’t believe how quick the procedure was, with very little discomfort and limited downtime. I was able to drive immediately. Pain can be really draining emotionally.” Sharron says “Now, thanks to Arthrosamid®, I feel more able to do the things I love with less pain of it. I’m very glad I gave it a try.”

Sharron returned back to pain free cycling almost immediately and has returned to her daily life with much reduced pain. Improvement is clearly shown on her motion analysis and force platform results. Her progress was confirmed in her subsequent visit to see Prof Lee.

“It’s great to see a patient with such an amazing result. Sharron is a high level Olympic athlete, she understands what is required to help maintain a healthy body and mind. It is great to be able to help her delay surgery and stay active” Prof Paul Lee “I’m very proud of the unique injection process that we have developed over a significant number of injections and it appears to allow patients to respond quickly with reduced chance of side effects.”

The follow up motion capture, force platform and MRI result have shown a very promising result for Sharron. Her body weight disruption on landing from a jump is much more balanced, as well as the range of motion of her joint showing improvement. There is hope, as more medical evidence emerges, the cushioning effect of Arthrosamid injections will keep Sharron pain-free and will certainly help to ‘buy time’ before she needs to consider the possibility of knee replacement surgery. 

When Dr Jack was presented with the option of knee replacement surgery, he decided to explore all possible treatment options first. He reached out to many of his esteemed medical colleagues for their opinions on the best course of action. He was able to gauge professional opinion on the best course of treatment. Thanks to this research, Dr Jack was able to find a treatment option that worked for him and avoid surgery.

“Maybe it’s an occupational hazard as a doctor, but a good understanding of any potential risks and the relative success rates was a vital part of my decision-making process. I knew of lots of friends and teammates who’d had a variety of treatments for painful knees, but I was really keen to see some evidence and ‘science’ behind the procedures.”

“I always urge friends and patients to do their own research and to have a good think about treatments when they are apparently ‘new’. Therefore, when Arthrosamid injections were first suggested to me, I really looked into it but soon decided that it felt like a safe and effective treatment option and that there was ‘enough science’ for me!”

“I also had a great deal of respect and faith in the physician who I knew would be carrying out the procedure, Prof Paul Lee, and was extremely impressed at the way he’d helped to pioneer the treatment in the UK”.

Professor Paul Lee, orthopaedic regeneration surgeon from MSK Doctors treated Jack at his London Cartilage clinic, based at 108 Harley Street. Professor Lee and his team are renowned for bringing well-evidenced but novel treatments to the practice to help patients manage pain from long term conditions such as knee osteoarthritis.

Speaking about Arthrosamid®, Professor Lee comments:

“In my practice, I’m passionate about utilising evidenced-based methods with advanced technology. Arthrosamid certainly fits into this novel treatment model.

“Knee osteoarthritis can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life, causing discomfort which can make everyday activities challenging. However, many people are reluctant to undergo invasive surgery with the intensive recovery required. This is what prompted me to look at other evidence-based alternatives.”

“As a surgeon I can see the benefit of joint replacement to patients first hand. This is why I operate. At the same token, I have also seen the flip side of surgery. The long recovery process, painful rehab and complications. “

“I was pleased that Jack had confidence in the procedure and understood the benefits it could bring to patients who are seeking solutions for persistent pain in their knee joints, many of whom – like Jack – will have incurred ‘wear and tear’ and injury having played competitive sports from a young age. This treatment really can provide long-acting and sustained pain relief and so far, I’m delighted with Jack’s recovery and the improvements he’s reported.”

Following the Arthrosmid injection, Jack has put the Arthrosamid® treatment to the test. It is great to see Jack back on the hockey match programme and also out dog walking in the British summer weather. He has also returned to skiing and sent us a text message about his achievement from the top of the mountain.



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