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Treating an
Olympic Star

Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies MBE explains her journey with Arthrosamid.

How arthritis affected Sharron?

How do Sharron feel immediately after Arthrosamid injection?

Sharron Davies MBE Story

Sharron Davies MBE is a renowned Olympian and Commonwealth Games athlete. She first burst onto the scene as a thirteen-year-old Olympian in 1976 and has been one of the United Kingdom’s most well-known and beloved sportswomen ever since.

Nearly 50 years since her debut, she continues to be a popular, in-demand, and well-known character. As a celebrity athlete, television personality, mother of three, motivational speaker, model, enthusiastic charity event worker, author, and equestrian, she leads a busy life and retains remarkable popularity.

With her active lifestyle, naturally, Sharron has encountered many injuries along the way and her earlier intensive training has certainly taken its toll on her joints. Over time, she has developed grade 4 bone-on-bone arthritis to her knee. Snapping her ACL while filming Gladiators certainly did not help. Since she just turned 60, her knee has been holding her back from performing her daily activities and exercising comfortably.

So, she was delighted when her orthopaedic consultant, Professor Paul Lee from MSK Doctors, said she could be suitable for a Arthrosamid injection which could offer long lasting pain relief and could delay the need for surgery.

In September 2022, Sharron visited MSK House, where she had an MRI scan, motion analysis and Arthrosamid injection by Professor Lee all on the same day. Since the injection, her recovery has been swift and positive.

“I couldn’t believe how quick the procedure was, with very little discomfort and limited downtime. I was able to drive immediately. Pain can be really draining emotionally.” Sharron says “Now, thanks to Arthrosamid®, I feel more able to do the things I love with less pain of it. I’m very glad I gave it a try.”

Sharron returned back to pain free cycling almost immediately and has returned to her daily life with much reduced pain. Improvement is clearly shown on her motion analysis and force platform results. Her progress was confirmed in her subsequent visit to see Prof Lee.

“It’s great to see a patient with such an amazing result. Sharron is a high level Olympic athlete, she understands what is required to help maintain a healthy body and mind. It is great to be able to help her delay surgery and stay active” Prof Paul Lee “I’m very proud of the unique injection process that we have developed over a significant number of injections and it appears to allow patients to respond quickly with reduced chance of side effects.”

The follow up motion capture, force platform and MRI result have shown a very promising result for Sharron. Her body weight disruption on landing from a jump is much more balanced, as well as the range of motion of her joint showing improvement. There is hope, as more medical evidence emerges, the cushioning effect of Arthrosamid injections will keep Sharron pain-free and will certainly help to ‘buy time’ before she needs to consider the possibility of knee replacement surgery. 


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