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Arthrosamid®’s story started two decades ago. The brainchild of the team at Contura, the product had been in human use for various indications since 2000, and a favourable safety profile had already been established.

cost of Arthrosamid

A Brief Idea On The Cost Of Arthrosamid

Arthrosamid is the name of a revolutionary concept coined by Contura International Ltd that fulfils unmet clinical needs for treating Osteoarthritis. It is basically a non-biodegradable, polyacrylamide hydrogel that promotes synovial fluid between your knees increasing the lubricity. Arthrosamid is a new inclusion in the medical world, and its cost depends on several factors. The cost of Arthrosamid per shot ranges from 100 to several thousand dollars depending on its dosage, frequency and the health care practitioner you are receiving your treatment from.


What Is The Cost of Arhrosamid Injection?


The hydrogel injection, Arthrosamid, has shown positive results in treating Osteoarthritis in different age groups. The cost of Arthrosamid injections on an average ranges up to £2,995 for a single knee joint and £5,000 for both knee joints respectively. The Arthrosamid injection comes with additional costs since medical experts conduct Ultrasonography or MRI scanning for needle guidance. In severe cases, patients require a top-up dosage which on average could cost £2,300 for one and £4,300 for two.


6 Factors That Determine The Cost of Arthrosamid


The cost of the Arthrosamid knee treatment depends on a few factors, and its price can vary from clinic to clinic. 

  • Arthrosamid Dosage


One of the crucial factors that influence the cost of Arthrosamid treatment is its dosage. You would have to spend almost £2500 on an estimation for one knee which doubles for two dosages. Besides, it can also depend on the quantity of dosage. Some patients can be treated with just one injection for both knees. And some might need up to 3 injection shots for one knee.

  • Location Of The Clinic


The cost of Arthrosamid also depends on the location of the clinic. Metropolitan areas have higher medical expenses than small cities and towns. Moreover, taxes are not the same in every place, and this can raise the treatment charges. Besides, the cost of medical treatment depends on the healthcare provider to the healthcare provider.

  • Product Manufacturer


The price of Arthrosamid injection depends on the manufacturers of the product. There are different manufacturers in the market who offer different prices for the product. And you can compare prices between different hydrogel products from different companies or manufacturers to choose the best and most inexpensive one.

  • Severity Of The Issue


Osteoarthritis or knee joint pain can get severe if ignored at an early stage. And to reverse the severe state, professionals increase dosage frequency, which can ultimately affect the cost of the treatment. To improve the functioning of the synovial membrane in the knee cavity sometimes one needs to go through a top-up dosage which can integrate the expanse.

  • Experience Of Practitioner


The Arthrosamid injection’s cost relies on the experience of an orthopaedic expert. There are many orthopaedic clinics that try to gain patient attendance every day. And reducing Arthrosamid treatment costs is the simplest way many young practitioners consider to attract a large number of patients.

  • Additional Cost


Arthrosamid knee treatment involves additional expenses such as laboratory testing fees, medical supplies, MRI scans, Ultrasound screening, etc. However, using any of these techniques during these proves is up to the doctor who is treating you. Some experienced doctors can perform the treatment without much screening of the intra-articular space between your knee joint.


In What Conditions Do You Need Arthrosamid Injection?

The main cause of Osteoarthritis occurrence in people is the medical history of knee injuries. Knee injuries like fractures and tears give a tough impact on cartilage and soft tissues in the knee cavity. As a result, people encounter painful arthritis issues in their 50s and 60s. Injuries like Patella Tendonitis, Meniscus tears, Runner’s Knee, ACL injury, Plica Syndrome, etc can be treated with this treatment. Getting Physio for arthritis can help reduce the pain and discomfort but for a permanent solution, Arthrosamid injections can be your safe bet. Despite the high cost of Arthrosamid, it is a reliable alternative to knee replacement and other surgical options like Knee Osteotomy, Knee Arthroscopy, Cartilage Restoration, etc which are very risky, especially for the elderly.