A Brief Idea On The Cost Of Arthrosamid

cost of Arthrosamid

Arthrosamid is the name of a revolutionary concept coined by Contura International Ltd that fulfils unmet clinical needs for treating Osteoarthritis. It is basically a non-biodegradable, polyacrylamide hydrogel that promotes synovial fluid between your knees increasing the lubricity. Arthrosamid is a new inclusion in the medical world, and its cost depends on several factors. The […]

The Best Alternative To Knee Replacement For Elderly Patients: Arthrosamid Injections

alternatives to knee replacement for elderly

Most elderly people have a high chance of developing Osteoarthritis. It is a severe knee condition where one undergoes severe pain and irritation in the knee joints. In critical cases, orthopaedic experts mostly recommend knee replacement surgery. However, for elderly patients, such surgical treatment is not always suitable as several complications and risks are associated […]

Why Arthrosamid Is The Best Alternative To Knee Replacement?

Alternative To Knee Replacement

Osteoarthritis is a severe knee condition that affects cartilage and soft tissues between the knee joint, resulting in immobility. Apart from affecting adults over 50, this knee bone disorder can also affect teens due to obesity and critical knee injuries. Sometimes, it needs Knee replacement to treat arthritis and knee joint pain. However, this treatment […]

Everything You Need To Know About New Knee Injection, Arthrosamid

New Knee Injection

Osteoarthritis is a common knee joint problem both men and women encounter. It is a condition where protective tissues in the knees called cartilage degrade due to continuous fractions. There was a time when surgical treatment was the only option to cure this disorder. But a new knee injection called Arthrosamid emerged as a substitute. […]

Why Do You Need Physio For Arthritis?

physio for Arthritis

Arthritis is a severe condition that leads to inflammation in the joint areas and surrounding tissues. It basically occurs when synovial fluid between joints dries up causing harsh friction between bones. The pain and discomfort caused by arthritis can make it difficult for individuals to even stand straight. However, getting proper physio for Arthritis has […]